In this week’s episode of Project Management Paradise Johnny speaks to Joe Launi from Project Management Experts about understanding and leading Team Members.

Joe has 30+ years experience in the project management space and is president of Project Management Experts. In this interview Johnny and Joe discuss what motivates and de-motivates project team members so that Project Managers can have a truly productive and healthy project management team.

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Excerpts from Episode 12 – “Understanding and Leading Team Members”

“Having a team that really feels confident about their abilities and confident in themselves is very important. If you have that in your team, you’ve got a team that will produce.” – Joe Launi

Some of the key elements in understanding and Leading Team Members include:

  • Looking for people with great attitudes
  • Praising your team for a job well done
  • Understanding the needs of each team member
  • Money is not always a motivator

Joe is currently running a course entitled “Understanding and Leading Team Members”. The class focuses on understanding the traditional motivational theories that have been around since the 1950’s as well as more modern theories over the last 10 years.

Once we understand how people “tick” we can apply some approaches to keep them engaged, choose the right human resources to project teams and coach and mentor those resources to become truly productive and healthy team members.

Show Notes

Find out more about Joe Launi and his work here.