In this episode, we speak with Patti Viri-Cruz, the Director of PT Portfolio, Design, and Construction at Genentech. Patti is a project management professional who has built processes and programs from the ground up, putting the business’s needs first. In this episode, we’ll talk about diversity and how it’s important for running a group or team. How does Patti get the most out of what each team member’s strength? Is it through inspiration? We’ll also find out what is project management’s role in the biotech sector and how the Cora software solution has helped to streamline a global corporation like Genentech and its sister companies around the world.

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Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introduction
01:01 – Who is Patti Viri-Cruz?
01:38 – Diversity in a nutshell
02:48 – Patti’s fun experiment with Aaron
06:56 – Maximizing team performance
10:11 – The importance of leading by example
12:15 – Pandemic and post-pandemic comparison
15:57 – Project management in biotech
24:00 – How did Cora Systems help Genentech?

Show Notes

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