This week on Project Management Paradise, Johnny Beirne speaks with Cheryl Hartmann about the importance of change management when it comes to project management.

Cheryl has over 18 years’ experience in Change Management and has worked with large corporations such as GE and CSC. She now runs her own consulting company called Cambiar Consulting.

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Excerpts from Episode 2 – Organizational change management

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is actually Project Management. In order to avoid confusion with Change Management as it is used in the IT industry it is important to refer to it as OCM. The one difference however is that OCM is all about managing people’s reactions to change. The term may mean different things based on an individual’s experience, culture, values or even emotions. It is about managing people’s reactions and using tools and techniques to mitigate negative responses.

People will always show resistance to change whether fleetingly or over a prolonged time. But they will all usually react in one of three ways. Either they approach it positively or adopt a ‘wait and see’ attitude; or in some cases they never come to terms with the required change. Managing these reactions is important to implement the change speedily. And OCM provides a set of principles, processes or tools for managing people’s response to the change

Show Notes

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