This episode of The Project Management Paradise Podcast is the part of a unique limited series called “Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath”. In this episode, we’re joined by Carl Bernie, an Operations Director with DPS Group with extensive KAM, project management and commercial experience on global semi-conductor mega construction projects.

Carl shares his experience in dealing with project fatigue in complex projects. He discusses his journey into the world of project management, which began in the 1990s, and today entails managing multi-year projects with budgets of billions of euro.  

Carl explores how large, complex projects differ from more traditional projects, including initiation, execution, delivery and project close-out.  

Key Highlights:

●      Introduction to Carl Bernie and mega projects

●      Agile, iterative approaches to project execution

●      Diversity in project teams and creating a team dynamic  

●      Traits for a good project manager 

●      Essence, experience and pitfalls of project fatigue

●      Effects of global events – including supply chain stresses, Brexit, Covid, remote working – on project management capabilities

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