In this episode Johnny discusses the importance of Training and Education for effective Project Management with Cora Systems’ Head of Training Caitríona Gately.

In this interview, you will hear how Caitriona uses various tools and techniques to ensure that training is delivered effectively and efficiently in accordance with client requirements especially when one of these clients has over 9000 users of Cora’s project management software in 51 countries.

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Train the Trainer Approach and Variation
Do: Engage with your clients sooner rather than later, so that you have an understanding of their business, processes, and how to work with them.

Don’t have large groups. Keep smaller groups to promote engagement and productivity.

The approach varies on a client basis. People learn differently in diverse ways, so we map the methodologies and the processes of the organizations we work with.

Smart Ways to Roll Out In-house Training
For a major roll out, talk to the clients, understand the requirements for the training, and deliver it as they want it. A company can’t enforce a methodology, so they should work with the client’s preferred method.

The video based training used by Cora is very useful. It’s specific to the customer and available at any time online. The training doesn’t take the user off-site for protracted or irrelevant instruction.

Tailor the Training to the Methodology
The trainers to train vary. Cora engages mostly towards the end of the discovery and creation process, so the project vision itself is finite for the customer. We have a product to deliver, in an accurate manner, to a particular audience, in a given time frame. That is rigid.

The Importance of Education and Training
Education is incredibly important.

With some education, people may be able to use the materials that they have and make a better fist of the applications and tools they to create the best results.

Without education, people may be able to put together some results, but it will take a longer time. This lack of education also may not give the desired result, and it will be more difficult. You will also lose buy-in and engagement.

Appropriate training removes all of the guesswork from new applications and most importantly helps create an understanding of the product and how it relates to them in their role. It eliminates the fear of something new or different.

Project Success and Staff Training
If an organisation delivers the appropriate training to people, they will be more successful and comfortable with using the product.

It’s important to have a role based training, so individuals can see how the product is used for their role, how their effort is acknowledged, and how overall it can contribute to the organization’s success.

People are afraid that technology will take over and remove the requirement for their role. Most tasks that employees do on a daily basis are administrative and repetitive work, which takes them away from their job.

Using Projectvision mapped against their process will free up a lot of their time they had previously invested in repetitious duties, so they can focus on important tasks, increase output, and reduce stress.

Future Cora Training Plans
We’re doing a lot of work on the more technical and virtual side without losing touch with our clients.

Training will be based fully on client requirements. There will be more online-based training and virtual instructor training. Work on specific modules for our clients, so that minimises costs, but adds values, so that they have all those modules on site and available.

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