This week Ifti Majid, acting Chief Executive at Derbyshire NHS Foundation Trust is interviewed on Project Management Paradise on how they use ProjectVision to manage their projects in comparison to how they were managed previously.

This is a case study interview where we discuss how Cora’s Project Management solution, ProjectVision, is used by Derbyshire Healthcare, what project management was like before implementing Cora’s solution and what it is like now.

Derbyshire NHS Foundation Trust, is a community and mental health services provider, with over 2,500 staff provide a range of services from alcohol & drugs substance abuse to learning disability services. With 25-30 projects live at any given time as well as continuously evaluating projects from last year, Derbyshire NHS Foundation Trust often run up to 60 projects at one time.

Some of these projects are transactional while others are concerned with transformation and highly complex change projects. There can be a number of different factors driving a project to succeed from financial to changes in quality or even dealing with a higher volume of people coming through the door.

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