In this episode, we’re joined by Pamela Ann Sinclair, a change management expert, who shares her expertise in change management preparation. Pamela discusses her journey into the world of change management, highlighting its increasing relevance in project management over the past decade. She emphasizes the pivotal role of change management in successful project execution and provides a practical checklist of industry best-practices to ensure smooth transitions. Pamela also explores common pitfalls in change management based on her extensive experience, offering insights on how to avoid them.

Key Highlights:

● 00:58 – Introduction to Pam Sinclair and Change Management

● 02:30 – Change Management: A Marketing Buzzword

● 05:36 – Pam on the Basics of Change Management

● 08:13 – The Two Biggest Pitfalls

● 14:58 – Pam’s Key Learning Experience

● 17:38 – Importance of Change on People

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