In this episode I speak to Philip Martin, founder & CEO of Cora Systems.

In this interview we get some real gems from Philip’s many years of experience in Project Management. Philip shares with us how he started Cora and their Project Management Software called ProjectVision which employs 50 people with offices in Ireland (Headquarters), the UK and the US.

We discuss how Project Management has gone from being a black art to common sense.

Philip also gives us some insight into how one client, Honeywell, deployed Cora’s Project Management Software called ProjectVision. The software is now being used by over 6000 of Honeywells’ team in 42 countries to effectively and efficiently manage projects. He also discusses how the development of their Project Management Software is client lead and how this has lead to the Cora Client Conference which happens on the 7th of September.

Philip also mentioned Coras’ involvement in the upcoming PM Summit on the 8th of September

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