Ron Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch are the managing partners of Cognilytica, an AI research and advisory firm. Ron is also a judge for the South by Southwest Innovation Awards and started and runs the Tech Breakfast. Kathleen is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in AI and machine learning, a savvy marketer, and a tech industry connector.

The birth of Cognilytica is when they both realized that the world is taking a huge leap in technology as AI is becoming more popular. The drive for them to create these podcast episodes came when they realized that people were still surprisingly thirsty for knowledge.

In this episode, they debunk the idea that technology is really the problem; in fact, it’s the challenge of getting people to understand technology. Ron also stated that the world of AI has a much higher overlap than people might have thought. Together, they describe the phases and actions they take whenever they run into a technological issue, outlining the procedure for resolving such issues. Listen to this episode to learn more!

Important Timestamps:

00:00 – Introducing Ron Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch

01:08 – More information about Kathleen

03:08 – More information about Ron

05:37 – How come they are not running out of episodes?

09:17 – Their biggest episode challenge

12:26 – How similar are the technological problems?

13:43 – Business understanding

20:09 – Data understanding

20:39 – Data preparation

21:18 – Building and evaluating your model

21:46 – Importance of following a Methodology

22:58 – Where can we listen to Ron and Kathleen’s podcast?

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